In order to deliver on the objectives, the project is set up around defined work packages:

Work package: Data collection and analysis

• Desk research: Much on sport governance has been published. Existing literature will be analaysed and evaluated for the purpose of the project. The analysis will feed into the questionnaire and peer review meetings.
• Questionnaire: This traditional but still very effective method of data collection is used to probe the general situation of the implementation of good governance in the EU.
o Objective: Give a clear picture if and how good governance principles are implemented in different EU member states. 
o Contents: Based on desk research and the Basic Universal Principles on Good governance a specific questionnaire is drafted, disseminated and analysed. 
o Target group: National sports umbrella organisations, national sport federations

• Peer review meetings: The questionnaire will highlight sport organisations which do well in implementing good government principles and support the identificaiton of good practice models. These sport organisations shall be analysed in greater detail. Additionally, contacts to the corporate world shall be established to probe their system of governance in order to see if these practices can feed into sport governance models.
o Objective: Gain in-depth knowledge on well established good governance models and critical success factors
o Method: Meetings and interviews with expert witnesses and stakeholders dealing with governance
o Target group: sport organisations, corporate world

Work package: Communication and dissemination

• Target group: sport leaders, sport employees and the wider public
• Communication plan: A well developed and integrated communication plan will be created in close cooperation with the project partners to communicate the project and its results broadly. 
• Website: Reference point of the project communication is a website which is designed to include multimedia contents and social media such as twitter and facebook. 
• Interviews/ testimonials: Interviews will be lead and testimonials recorded on good governance issues and posted on the website. 
• Good governance contact points: shall be established in the particpating sport organisations
• Educational and informational material will be disseminated during events organised by the project partners. 
• Flyer on the project 
• Press releases and articles on the project which will be also disseminated via the project’s network

Work package: Educational material

• Target group: sport leaders, sport employees
• Principles and practical guidelines on good governance matters 
• Design educational modules that sport organisations and/or sport clubs can use and act as multiplyer on good governance o Self-assessment test on good governance issues o Checklist on good governance 
• Check feasibility: Set up a register of organisations who align themselves to good government principles Work package: Training sessions 
• Design and produce training sessions for sport leaders on good governance matters Work package: Management of the project and evaluation 
• Project management and administration (EOC EU Office/ ENGSO)