The specific objectives of the Sport for Good Governance Project are:

  • Analyse and elaborate on the Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance of the Olympic and Sports Movement 

Research, publications as well as principles on good governance in sport have been produced in sufficient numbers over the last years. Therefore, the project will analyse and elaborate on these to such an extent, to make them usable for the specific objectives of the project by providing relevant input for a questionnaire and the educational material and tools.

  • Research and analyse the implementation of the Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance by sport organisations in the EU-27 (identify good practices) 

Sport organisations across the EU will be asked to fill in a questionnaire on how they have implemented the principles of the aforementioned document. Besides the identification of good practice models, the analysis may furthermore come up with the definition of benchmarks on good governance principles.

  • Organise peer review meetings to get in-depth knowledge on governance and good practices 

In the above mentioned research good practice models in good governance will be identified. In addition, contacts to the corporate world, which is dealing with this issue for a much longer time, shall be established to probe how good governances principles are implemented there. Cross-sectoral learning could potentially further boost the project outcomes.

  • Design educational tools to promote good governance and provide support for implementing good governance principles 

Educational material (e.g. toolkit including a self-evaluation tool) shall give support to implement good governance principles. It shall assist members of boards, chief executive officers and sport leaders to develop, implement and maintain a robust system of good governance. The project shall also allow discussions on mechanisms to monitor the implementation of good governance principles in sport and explore ways and strategies to deal with inappropriate behaviour in sport.